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Can you guess the most important part of a misting system? Well, you got that right it’s the nozzle. Without the right nozzles, even the highest quality misting system can’t function properly. Mist Spray nozzles in a cooling system are much needed to convert and breakdown the water generated through the pump into fine and tiny droplets for flash evaporation. The type and quality of nozzles you use, determines the performance of your misting system.

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Misting nozzles are used to create a mist while applying water pressure to the mist line.

Made from different material of construction such as  brass body with stainless steel orifice, or all stainless steel or non corrosive material depending on its application in the field. Misting Nozzle is the most precision parts in a mist cooling system.

The common nozzle orifice available in .004”, .006”, .008”, .012”, .015” and .020”.
Smaller the orifice and higher the pressure apply on, will produce  a ultra fine non wet mist-fog with high pressure pump.

Cleanable Fog pin feature of Misting Nozzles make it easy to clean clogged nozzles and can be reuse the same nozzles after cleaning.


These cleanable nozzles are ideally suitable for mosquito misting systems.  And also Useful in variety of other applications like, mist cooling, odor control and special effects.


Anti Drip nozzles feature will stop the dripping after shut off the system.

Antidrip nozzle comes with an antidrip stopper spring and ball with nickel plated brass body and threads sizes 10/24,12/24, 1/8 NPT and ¼” NPT has 60-80 degree cone pattern spray, perfect for high profile outdoor cooling. Wider spray angle nozzles are also available.

Winterize the system during the winter and, don’t forget to remove its nozzle. If water stays in the system for a long time, a deposit can build up inside a line which clogged the nozzles and would affect the performance of your misting system. You should remove the nozzles and flush the misting line, and also clean the nozzles time to time with the nozzle cleaning solution  after non use.

Mistcooling manufactures high quality misting nozzles for all misting systems, including mosquito misting systems, Atomizing spray nozzles, nozzles with anti-drip and more!

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