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According to OSHA, many people are exposed to heat on the job, outdoors or in hot indoor environments. Operations involving high air temperatures, radiant heat sources, high humidity, direct physical contact with hot objects, or strenuous physical activities have a high potential for causing heat-related illness.

PERSONAL It’s time for outdoor concerts, and other events but the temperature is rising, and it’s hard to be motivated to attend. You know you will not be comfortable in this heat and may even get sick. Plus, your family won’t enjoy their outdoor time. Moreover, the possibility of Heat Stress or Heat Stroke is present.

COMMERCIAL You’ve got a couple of small construction jobs, and you want to take care of your workers and keep them safe and productive. You cannot afford downtime because of the heat.

Mistcooling’s Portable Misting System 3G is a mid-pressure, compact mist cooling unit with a three-gallon water reservoir, powered by a 300psi cool misting pump to create cool air mist zones anywhere you like, even when there is no nearby water source. The kit weighs less than seven pounds when empty and has an approximate run-time of three hours. The two-nozzle twelve-foot tubing or four-nozzle twenty-foot tubing on each side can be expanded to meet a customer’s specified requirements. You can add more misting nozzles and tubing upon request.

The low-flow duty misting pump ensures you enjoy ultra-fine cooling mist for long hours without the need for constant refills. So, you can plan work projects for your staff, or plan to attend those outdoor fireworks displays, concerts, plays, soccer games, picnics, and other events because you and yours will be up to 30-degrees F cooler using Mist Cooling, Inc.’s Portable Misting System! Easy to set up and maintain, convenient to store. It is affordable and an excellent value for your money and best of all, you are keeping yourself, and family or work crews SAFE from heat-related illnesses.

A wireless remote control is available for even more convenience!

Keeping outdoors cool where air-conditioning systems can’t be used has always been a challenge for home and business facility owners, like restaurant owners. If you’re also struggling to keep your outdoor settings cool and looking for an affordable cooling alternative, then you might want to consider misting systems.

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Just like any other equipment you purchase for your home, like an air-conditioner, refrigerator or television; buying outdoor cooling system is also an investment.  However, what makes this investment different from the aforementioned ones is that it is for your outdoor cooling needs. This means that to ensure your purchase is safe and benefits you for years to come; it is vital that the misting system you opt for, is designed and engineered to withstand the outdoor environment.

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It is important to understand that not all outdoor misting systems are equal. By that, we mean, before you invest in a mist system, make sure it is built for the purpose you’re buying it for. For example, a misting system that is designed for indoors is most certainly not the best pick if you wish to install it outdoors, simply because such a system is not engineered to withstand extreme outdoor conditions.

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