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A case of #WestNileVirus, not to be confused with the lesser potent West Nile Fever has been reported in the Houston area. This news puts most of us on alert; we need to take as many precautions as possible against contracting this illness. The City of Sugar Land is doing their part by increasing once weekly mosquito spraying to twice weekly.

Humans get this virus from #mosquitoes who have feasted on infected birds, then deliver the infection to us by biting our skin. Symptoms include a stiff neck, vision problems, body tremors, mental confusion, memory loss, and seizures. The combination of these symptoms warrants a visit to a clinic or your doctor. Unfortunately, there is no real treatment to prevent West Nile Virus infection aside from not getting bitten. The good news is that 80% of those who are infected have no symptoms and will recover on their own. However, the over 50 crowd and those folks with compromised immune systems need to treat the situation more seriously.

Mosquitoes have a schedule: early dawn, dusk, and late night are the worst because that is when they lay their eggs. They are prolific creatures and the very best way to mitigate the problem is spraying repellent at those specific times to kill and #RepelMosquitoes. Daylight is not their favorite time. It tends to dehydrate them, so dawn, dusk, and dark are perfect times for mosquitoes to be out and active. That and temperature. Contrary to popular belief, winter cold does not kill off all mosquitoes. Some hibernate and wake up and become active when temperatures begin to rise over 50°F.

The first thing to consider is clothing – yes, I know it’s still too hot and humid for pants. There is a website selling mosquito-repellant shorts and also shirts, pants, and jackets for men and women. But the clothes we own are tried and true: regular long pants, long-sleeve shirts, jackets, and socks, then apply the final layer; mosquito repellant spray.

Remember also to frequently patrol outdoor areas around your home where there might be standing water, especially after it rains. Even a bottle cap full will allow mosquitoes to breed. Don’t forget to check for water dripping from spigots or an AC unit. And check your garbage, gardens, and compost heaps. Mosquitoes love to breed in those spaces, especially when there is standing water.

It would be helpful if community businesses and municipal governments would help lower the risk of West Nile Virus by regularly applying repellant around their dumpsters. Restaurants, grocery stores, garbage, and wastewater transfer stations are all prime mosquito territory that should be sprayed routinely to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds and make it safer for the public.

I’ve successfully used Deep Woods mosquito repellant on my patio which when applied, was good for about four hours, long enough for an outdoor party. But it’s expensive buying can after can, and it’s very impractical. I’m not really going to get up early every morning and spray, then respray each day at dusk, and certainly not in the middle of the night. I suspect you won’t either.

Homeowners can help themselves by installing a good quality mosquito repellant system. We recommend the #HydroBreeze Automated #MosquitoControlSystem. It’s incredibly affordable and very efficient keeping your turf mosquito-free by up to 650FT when applied as directed. When you set up and install the system, you will discover that it is already automatically timed to spray three times daily, once early morning, again at dusk, then again during the night. These are times when mosquitoes are the most active and laying their eggs. The System includes #VectorBan mosquito repellent made from 10% Permethrin, which is misted into the air killing and repelling mosquitoes and their eggs, keeping your backyard safe with residual activity for up to 28 days. At the same time, it is safe for people and pets.

Right now, we are offering a special price for our #MosquitoControlSystem and adding #FreeService for 12 months. The free service means, if you need new tubing, new nozzles, or other parts for your Mosquito Control Misting System during the 12 months from the date of purchase, we’ll provide them for free. We also offer an installation service in the Greater Houston area. It’s a DIY system, but if you don’t have the time to install it, we can help you!

Here’s to everyone keeping safe and West Nile-Anything-Free.

The Mist Cooling Inc Team

mist cooling reduces temperatures by up to 30°F

Hydro Breeze Bully Fan

Here at Mist Cooling, Inc, our thoughts and prayers are with the soon to be affected people in the Carolinas, Virginia, and wherever #HurricaneFlorence challenges the well-being of people and property. We are in Houston so we know what it’s like to go without electricity for days, even weeks. Harvey as we now call it is still fresh in all of our minds. It was hot and humid for weeks after the hurricane with no electricity available to multitudes of people and #pets. On this subject, we can offer products that can keep volunteers, firefighters, rescue personnel, shelters, restaurants, distribution centers, and #AnimalShelters cooler by up to 30°F without needing electricity post-Hurricane. We have an array of portable cool misting systems like the #BullyFan which includes a #powergenerator. For all other #PortableMistCoolingSystems we offer, the same generator can be added to your order. Shipments leave our warehouse quickly, and we will do everything we can to get your order to you as soon as possible. Overnight shipping is available.

Powered with Portable Generator, this High-Performance Outdoor-Rated Cool Mister Fan requires no water or electric outlet to function. Instantly lowers temps by up to 30°F creating an instant cooling zone for 5-10 hours depending upon selected tank size and intermittent use. Includes 160psi or 1500psi High-Pressure Cooling Mist Pump in weather-proof Enclosure, Stainless-Steel Mist Ring with 10/24” thread Nozzle Slots, ultra-fine Brass Cooling Mist Nozzles with Stainless-Steel Orifices, 110V ac Portable Power Generator that runs for 5 hours with 1 gallon fuel tank, 30-gallon Reservoir, Rolling Cart w/all-terrain Pneumatic Tires, Locking Front Caster, and Rear Level Support. Even the wheels are to great advantage in after-storm ground conditions.

We hope the outcome is that Hurricane Florence lessens in strength and the storm surge is minimal.

Wishing you all the best of health and safety.

Mist Cooling Inc Team

cooling misting ceiling fan

Where we are in Texas, we are currently experiencing relief from the heat. Usually, driving to work, my car AC is struggling, and when I arrive at work, I have to put up a sunshade, risk rain in my car by cracking the windows, then enter my office sweaty. The office AC struggles to keep up with triple-digit temps, so we are all uncomfortably warm. When I leave in the afternoon, my car is still burning hot, and the AC is again struggling to cool triple-digit temperatures on the way home. At least this week, we have a break in the Houston area. Hopefully, it’s a trend. But here in the south and many other regions, it’s still hot during the fall, right up until Christmas some years.

Fall is a favorite time of year for many people, kids going back to school, lots of Holidays and opportunities for celebrations. I was thinking of one corporate party I attended last year around this time in an indoor/outdoor bar with a stage and dance floor, and how hot it was in different areas. That bar could use a cooling mist ceiling fan to help disburse cool air to all corners.

Mist Cooling Inc. developed a 360° Stainless-Steel Misting Fan System for just such venues as an indoor-outdoor bar, dance hall, or restaurant. It’s a 20″ 115 V ac, high-velocity outdoor-rated ceiling-mounted fan with the power to mist cool up to 1000 square feet. It is stainless steel with a stainless-steel mist ring and stainless-steel orifice cooling misting nozzles that are all rust and corrosion proof.

While I’m thinking of celebrations and leisure venues, this Misting Fan is useful for cool misting warehouses, industrial plants, greenhouses, and any area where it can be mounted 12-20 feet overhead.

Our work is guaranteed, and our customer service team is here to help you decide on the right system for you.

Happy Fall, Y’all! 

The Mist Cooling Inc Team

It is no surprise that at the end of August we are still HOT here in the South. What’s a little different is the severity of the heat not only here, but as far north as Boston, MA. We are back to Heat Advisories being issued in many cities and towns. We are lucky in the south as we have air conditioning pretty much everywhere, which I know isn’t necessarily so in the Northeast. We can put this 2018 summer into the history books!

So once again, 1) keep hydrated, 2) make sure your pets have water and shade, 3) carry a hand fan or misting pump bottle with you (we have the Windchiller Handheld Mist Fan), 4) include a portable misting system if you are out for the day in a park, camping, fishing, and the like, or make sure there is water nearby -even a garden hose to splash yourself, 5) take LOTS of breaks in the shade, 6) wear a hat or walk with and sit under an umbrella, 7) and don’t forget your sunglasses. Your eyes also need protection, and finally, 8) if you feel sick, dizzy, losing strength – head for medical attention ASAP!

You know that it will continue to be hot through September and likely October. It’s not too late to install a patio misting system. We recommend our 72FT Patio Mister (Multiple lengths available.) Includes everything you need to install and operate your misting system except the water. Completely pre-assembled, quick and easy to set up, connects to a standard garden hose and works with standard household water pressure. No electricity is needed to operate this low-pressure system.

Doesn’t matter whether you have a patio or a balcony, you will feel up to 30-Degrees F cooler using this system. That’s enough to keep you safe from the effects of boiling hot temperatures and will allow you to enjoy the outdoors.

Stay Cool-Stay Safe,
The Mist Cooling Inc Team

Cooling Misting for outdoors
Mist Cooling Inc Inflatable Misting Arc with Optional Misting Pump


PTOS AND SCHOOL FUNDS I remember when my son was in elementary, the first big PTO event was the school carnival. From digging in sand piles to find treasures like donated Happy Meal toys, to face painting, games, races, and cupcakes and pies for sale. These events are a lot of effort, but back then, I was up for it. Baking cupcakes to sell, helping with set up, take down, and run games. Those are precious times for a Mom and her kid(s). Dads even manage to show up which is really heart-warming. It all pays off with pictures for the annual yearbook and raises good money for much-needed school supplies and equipment around the school.

The PTO is a vital part of school life; I’ve seen the difference in areas where there is little to no parent involvement in poorer areas where parents have little to no time to donate to the school. So, if you have the time and even if you don’t have a little one, dive into this 2018-2019 school year and volunteer with resources to help out schools without a PTO! It genuinely makes a difference.

I cannot think of a cooler thing for a PTO to rent than Mist Cooling Inc’s Inflatable Mist Cooling Arc – it’s big, blue, and showy, and serves a purpose for those early hot school days, especially in concrete parking lots or on b-ball courts where many carnivals are held. It’s also available for purchase (use it year after year!) Brandable, i.e., “Lake Forest Elementary School” on the Arc’s top, sides, or both.  It’s durable, easy to clean, lightweight to carry (weighs 20 lbs when deflated), easy to set up and take down. Measures 16′ x 16′ x 12′ high when inflated. Reduces hot temperatures in the application area by up to 30°F. Hooks up to a common garden hose or spigot and operates on city water pressure. And it’s big, BLUE, and flashy! It would also make a wonderful football game entry Arc for your school team! Optional battery pack available.

See also our Inflatable Full-Size Mist Cooling Tent with 1500psi High-Pressure Cool Misting Pump for rent or to purchase. For more information, to rent, or to purchase, call 281.633.0109, email, or visit

Here’s wishing you a year full of PTO fundraising successes!

Mist Cooling Inc.

Cool Misting Full Size Tent
Inflatable Mist Cooling Tent with 1500psi High-Pressure Pump
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