4023 Mosquito Misting Nozzle

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Misting Nozzle Ideal for mosquito control systems, industrial misting systems

Mosquito Control: Mosquito Control Spray Nozzles There are many nozzles good for misting, but for specialized application, you require the 4023 mosquito misting nozzle. This nozzle is ideal for Standard flow rate - 0.59 GPH at 100 psi to 1.33 GPH at 500 psi , water. Spray angle: 70┬░degree Available in Stainless Steel and Nickel Silver Steel.

  • Standard flow rate: 75 GPH @ 160 psi, water
  • Spray angle: 70┬░ @ 160 psi, water
  • Spray pattern: Semi solid cone
  • 9/16 Thread
  • Adapters availble (1/4 or 1/8)
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