1500 PSI Misting Pump- 220 Volts Supports 80 Nozzles

Engineered for performance, max1500psi 220 Volts direct drive high pressure misting pump with the power to generate best mist effect.
  • Mostly designed for our international customers, this mist pump is a powerhouse for creating cooling zones. The low revolution motor used, can perform in extreme temperatures, and generate smooth flow of mist with ease. At MistCooling Inc, we have supplied misting parts to over 90 countries. Our systems are designed for performance while keeping ease of installation in mind. Requires no prior misting system experience to install or to operate. High pressure misting pump is available in both 50Hz and 60Hz cycles. The misting pump is built in with inlet solenoid and no water cut off safety switch to minimize the damage to the pump in situations when the water is turned off. Included 5 micron filtration system ensures the misting nozzles work at their best without clogging. 
  • Specifications
  •  220 Volts, for International Misting Applications- available in 50 and 60 H Cycles
  •  Max Pressure- 1000 to 1500 PSI
  •  1 LPM Supports 20 Nozzles
  •  2 LPM Supports 40 Nozzles
  •  4 LPM Supports 80 Nozzles
  •  8 LPM Supports 160 Nozzles
  •  Features 
  • Direct Drive Piston Pumps
  •  Low Revolution Motor 
  • Continuous Smooth Mist
  •  Lower friction and heat levels
  •  Built with ease of maintenance in mind 
  • long lasting performance 
  • Customization options available
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