1500 PSI high pressure misting pump-0.5 GPM 45 Nozzles - MC1909


1500 PSI high pressure misting pump-0.5 GPM 45 Nozzles

Tri-plex piston pump Direct drive on 56C Nema Frame Motor Flow rate adjustable with PRV Fan cooled motor with high temperature rating Built in water cut off, solenoid and pressure bypass High amp on/off switch Click here for High Pressure misting pump specifications

Hosting a sizable outdoor party in your backyard? Or are you catering to a large number of customers at your restaurant patio? Mist Cooling Inc’s Max 1500 PSI Misting Kit is perfect for keeping your guests in a great mood so that they enjoy their time at home or restaurant patios. Create pleasant environment and comfort for any outdoor area. High Pressure Misting kit can be customized to area specifications, allowing you to instantly cool and increase the usability of your outdoor space during the hot summer months. High Pressure Misting System aids flash evaporation of mist; which then turns in to cool refreshing air while instantly creating a temperature drop. Ultrafine Fog is produced using Max1500psi pump that evaporates almost instantly - leaving absolutely no wetness or moisture on the floor or eating tables. Anti-Drip Stainless Steel Mist Nozzles will ensure instant on/off effect without dripping on people. Smart safety features automatically turns the pump off if water source is turned off and prevents damage to the pump. Built- in electronic water on/off valve means you will never have to walk up to your water source each time you want to turn your system on/off. Extra water not used by the mist nozzles gets automatically re-directed in to the inlet water source. Adjustable Push lock fittings does not require any tools to install and are re-usable. Compatible with various timers and controls. In addition to residential and commercial applications, this misting kit can be used for a variety of industrial, manufacturing, construction, and agricultural applications. This high pressure misting system has been repeatedly chosen to cool high profile venues such as, international sporting events, restaurants, theme parks, five star hotels and resorts. You can now control the misting pump with an add on Smart phone controller.(Requires strong WiFi signal at the pump). Compatible for misting pump with up to 80 Misting Nozzles capacity
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