12VDC Tent Mister With Water Tank


Enjoy engaging in outdoor activities like sports or picnics with your children during their summer break without worrying about the scorching heat. Consider investing in our 10’ x 10’ Portable Tent Mister featuring a 160psi Booster Pump and a 15-gallon Water Tank to cool mist your surroundings. Provides you excellent shade from the sun and keeps your outdoor surroundings up to 30°F cooler. Options include 10’ x 20’ size Tent with 15, 30, or 50-gallon Tank Sizes; white or blue Canopy; Portable Generator with Carrying Handle.


You are planning a camping trip and other multiple outdoor activities with friends this summer away from home, but you are considering the scorching heat factor everyone else focuses on in each instance. How can you keep the outdoors reasonably cool so that these outdoor events will be pleasant, and not what your “crew” will call it - a boiling hot WRONG decision?


Indulge in outdoor fun activities at remote locations away from home during summers and create great memories with your family. Carry our cool Mist Tent cooling system with Water Tank with you to ensure the outdoors remains fresh and fun for you and your children. It’s the perfect way to beat the heat and create refreshingly cool air mist wherever you go, even in places where there is no access to water. This is a pre-assembled Tent Cool Mist Kit for protection from UV-rays, featuring high-quality UV-Protected Tubing, Push-Lock Fittings, Brass Nozzles with Stainless-Steel Orifices, self-priming 160psi or 1500psi High-Pressure Misting Booster Pump, and 15, 30, or 50-gallon Water Reservoir. It is rated for outdoor use and provides you a great option to prevent heat exhaustion when out in the hottest temperatures.

It can store up to 15 gallons of water and mist cool you for several hours. The water is pressurized through the 160psi or 1500psi Booster Mist Pump and sprayed in the air as small droplets through the orifices of the ultra-fine Nozzles, which when vaporized by the sun’s heat, creates a bubble of cool air in your immediate surroundings. It also features Directional Mist Heads which give you the flexibility to adjust the mist in and away from the tent to counter wind directions.


These tents have repeatedly been used at various high-profile venues like theme parks, outdoor festivals, promotional events, school events, training camps, company events, weddings, and industrial plants because they cool outdoor spaces. Get this, US Navy Seals rely on our Mist Tents to prevent heat exhaustion during their training camps. The US Army used them during the war in Afghanistan. In addition, Tent Misters are used as relief stations to improve worker productivity.


* Cools outdoor temperatures by up to 30°F

* Rust-proof Air Craft-Grade Aluminum Frame

* Directional cooling Misting Heads

* Portable and allows easy storage

* Easily sets up in less than 10 minutes

* Water Reservoir with 15, 30, or 50-gallon capacity

* 3-8 hours run time per fill with intermittent use

* Self-Priming Misting Booster Pump creates ultra-fine mist

* Perfect for locations without pressurized water and power


* Water Reservoir with 15, 30 or 50-Gallon capacity

* 3-8 Hours or run time per fill with intermittent use

* Self-Priming Booster Pump creates ultra-fine mist

* 160psi, 12V dc, 9 Amps

* Rust-Proof Air Craft Aluminum Tent Frame

* 10’ x 10’ or 10’ x 20’ Foldable Misting Tent

* Misting on 2, 3, or 4 sides * Reusable Push-Lock Fittings * Brass/Stainless-Steel-Orifice Mist Nozzles

* Carrying Bag with Side Pocket

* Stakes Kit - Completely Pre-Assembled

* Instructions


* 10’ X 10’ Foldable Misting Tent with Carrying Bag with Side Pocket

* 160psi Self-Priming Booster Pump Mounted on 15-gallon Water Reservoir

* Flexible Mid-Pressure Mist Kit to Mist cool up to 4 sides of the tent

* Mist Kit Hangers

* Stakes Kit

* Instructions

* Optional Generator


* 10’ X 10’ with 20 Misting Nozzles or 10’ X 20’ with 30 Cooling Mist Nozzles

* 15, 30, or 50-Gallon Tank

* White or Blue Canopy

* Portable Generator with carrying handle for areas without electric source

The old sku number is MC1664

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