1000 PSI High pressure direct drive misting pump 2GPM


Enjoy fog like mist in your backyard, patio or lawn by upgrading your existing mid pressure mist cooling system with our economical 1000psi high pressure direct drive misting pump. This pump is powerful and exclusively engineered to deliver ultra-fine and high flow of mist without much residual moisture. Max Flow 2GPM supports up to 120 mist nozzles.

Our 1000psi direct drive pump helps generate the flow of water with high pressure through the system. Enjoy ultra-fine mist which evaporates faster and efficiently, thus creating cool zones instantly.

And more importantly, since the droplets are micro size which absorbed the heat faster, there will be no residual moisture on the floor or in your surroundings. So you don’t have to worry about wetness of your clothes, hair or any pre make up or other accessories getting wet because of the mist.

Pump is directly install on 56C Nema frame motor with four bolts, pump hollow keyed slot shaft slide in to the solid motor shaft with key and Pump Motor whole unit is mounted on a strong base for easy portability.

Pump unit added with (PRV) Pressure relief vlave cum pressure safety valve have a special feture of three ports, one Inlet, one outlet and one by pass port which can be connected further in the suction line via flexible hose to recirculate excessive unused water from the sytem.

Available in various standard size from 0.5 GPM, 1 GPM, 2 GPM, 3 GPM and can be customized for larger nozzles based installations.

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