1/8 - 27 NPT Misting Nozzles


Brass Body 1/8-inch thread large passage for Spray Nozzles include rust-proof Stainless-Steel insert and fixed or free pin are mainly used in Misting Systems  for Evaporative cooling, Moistening, Humidifying by agriculture and beverage industries for temperature and humidity control. Easy customization with an anti-drip feature and filterfor your existing Fittings.  


  • Brass Body 1/8-inch 27 NPT Mist Nozzles with rust-resistant Stainless-Steel Fixed or Free-Pin 

  • Design and quality are far and above other NPT Misting Nozzles in the Market 

  • 60°-70° Cone Pattern Spray covers the widest area. 

  • 1/8” thread allows easy compatibility with existing fittings in the market. 

  • Large Nozzle passages minimize nozzle clogging. 

  • Used within Misting Systems, reduces hot temperatures by up to 30-Degrees F. 

  • Can accommodate individual nozzle filter to prevent frequent clogging of nozzle due to bad water 

  • Brass Body 1/8-inch 27 NPT Mist Nozzles with rust-resistant Stainless-Steel Fixed or Free-Pin are widely used by agriculture and beverage industries. 1/8-inch thread allows easy compatibility with existing fittings.
  • Great for cooling, humidity control, poultry/livestock cooling, concrete treatment, spray tanning, meat packing, and many other applications. Nozzles are available in various orifice sizes to meet your needs. Stainless-Steel Orifice with Brass Body Mist Nozzle produces 60°-70° cone-pattern misting spray. Customize it with anti-drip features and an individual mist nozzle filter.  


  • Minimum working Pressure 150psi for 0.006-inch and 0.008-inch orifices 

  • Minimum working pressure is 45psi for all other orifice sizes  

  • Maximum working pressure for all misting nozzle sizes is 2000psi 

  • Available in large 0.024-inch or 0.032-inch orifice sizes 

  • Without Anti-Drip Feature, Nozzles are available in large orifice .024-inch and .032-inch 


Common Applications 

Evaporative cooling, Moistening, Humidifying 

 For reliable, cost-effective humidification, we have a number of options that easily connect to your mist lines. We have solutions for adding humidity to air, adding moisture, moisturizing small to large spaces plus more. 

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