1/4 Cross - Push Lock

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If you need to distribute misting line in 4 different directions, then you need 4 way cross union, which distribute one misting line in four different directions by using this 4 way cross union tube fitting, which makes four different misting zones from single line.

To avoid using multiple tube fittings for creating a multiple misting zone, and reduce leaks, consider using this 4 way cross union tube fitting.

This is a brass tube fitting with 1/4" Push to Connect Tube Fittings. The cross fitting has four way openings positioned at 90-degrees from each other for connecting and branching four tubes, creating a tighter seal than straight threads. This fitting is made of brass for corrosion resistance with nickel plated, ductility at high temperatures, and low magnetic permeability. can be connected to copper, thermo plastic, brass, aluminum, and pre grooved stainless steel tubing for high pressure mistcooling misting application, The bar stock cross has fair vibration resistance and is suitable in low, med and high pressure applications.

Push to connect 4 way union cross tube fittings are used for changing the direction of piping in four different areas, connecting, terminating, controlling flow.

Engineered for optimum performance, this is a high quality and heavy duty 1/4 inch tube fitting with 4 way push lock tube fitting union connections. The push to connect feature makes it DIY friendly and super easy to install. It requires no tools or expertise.

Its water tight seal design ensures that the tubes are well-gripped and the water flows through smoothly without any leakage.

Besides this, this tube fitting is not just made from extruded bar stock brass. It is nickel plated as well making this tube fitting  a safe investment as the nickel plating makes this fitting rust-proof and UV resistant. So even when it is exposed to rain or high temperatures you can rest assure that your investment will not corrode or get damage.


  • Nickel Plated Brass
  • Push Lock Connections
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