Mistcooling Pet Cool Kit

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Mistcooling Pet Cooling Kit-4 Nozzle Misting Kit.
Mistcooling Pet Cool Kit


Mistcooling.com's 4-nozzle, portable pet cool kit is designed to efficiently and inexpensively cool dog runs, kennels, hutches, and other pet areas.


Many domestic pets prefer cooler weather to a hot summer day. Install Pet Cooling System near the area where your pet can rest and cool down. Your pets will be happier, livelier and less likely to suffer from heat exhaustion.


Ideal for:

• Dog runs
• Rabbit hutches
• Aviaries
• Horse stables
• Live stock

• 1-16 ft-75 PSI pressure rated UV resistant ¼" poly tubing
• 4-Composite misting nozzles
• 1-¾" spigot/garden hose adapter & filter washer
• 3-¼" misting tees
• 1-¼' misting elbow
• 4-Spring-loaded clamps

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