How to Keep your Swimming Pool Water Cool in Summer?

Hot summers with climate change for years. “Heat dome” has to be the phrase. How will we cope? We Plunging ourselves into that hot Swimming Pool to cool our body and get that refreshing experience is something which we all crave for after long working day, but million dollar question is How to keep pool water cool during summer? under extreme heat conditions Into the high 90’s with heat index well over 100?  Not enjoying your swimming pool when it is as warm as a bathtub? to a cool and refreshing temperature for comfortable swim? While dumping large blocks of ice into the pool may seems like a crazy idea, the cost is extra ordinarily prohibitive and the effect is only temporary. There are other ways that are more cost effective and cheaper than Pouring in a bunch of Ice Bags/Blocks or installing costly Pool Chillers worth of $1900+.

One of the way to cool your pool this summer is to add a swimming pool water feature – put a Fountain in it. This is the same method employed by the old expensive water cooling towers and chillers used to see on top of buildings, but it consumed large amount of water.

Some people try with a Pool Covers, won’t help with pool cooling. Instead, they stop evaporation, making it harder for the temperature of the water in your pool to drop.

During a hot summer, you might be tempted to try just about anything to cool off your pool. Before you waste your time and/or money, skip those ideas:

The most inexpensive and an effective easy Way is by simply adding great swimming Pool Mister also called Pool Cooler  available in just about $34 During this especially hot summer, people with pools are enjoying them more than ever as a way to cool off and have fun and pretty successful than all other device to cool the hot water. The Coolest thing you ever find.

Pool Mister. Not only cool your pool water also kids love a lot with the spray mist of water leads to a rapid evaporation, which lowers the temperature by expending energy. You will get a more significant cooling result by running them at night; it does not require any separate source of water, return jet water will be bypass through this pool mister and produce a evaporative cooling curtain to the pool to compensate for the water that evaporates.

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